Dear President Biden,

  • Mandate the subsidized or discounted licencing of mRNA covid-19 vaccine development to any country that asks for it.
  • Create an industry partnership (with government oversight for accountability) between companies in the United States that have the capability to assist in the manufacturing of vaccines in microfactories and their counterparts or cooresponding agencies in the aforementioned countries.
  • Create similar partnerships and learning / co-eduation opportunities between transparent nonprofits fighting covid-19 misinformation in the US and their counterparts or cooresponding agencies in the same aforementioned countries. If such things do not exist, offer it nonetheless and subsidize the transparent growth of such nonprofits in the United States.
  • Do these things in partnership with the UN and COVAX.
  • Don’t do these things without the right people. Pay smart people you have on your staff already to find smart people to pay to do these things.

Let’s live up to our country’s WW2 self-image. We have the ability to do so, and you have the gumption to make it happen. Rugged individualism has no place here.

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